Introduction At Shaibit Solutions, we individually tailor our services to meet the unique needs and specifics of each project and client. Our dedicated approach ensures that every engagement is aligned with our client’s objectives and project parameters.

Refund Policy Refunds are contingent upon the conditions outlined within each service agreement. Services rendered and completed by Shaibit Solutions are generally non-refundable. Specific circumstances under which a refund may be considered are detailed in the contractual agreements with our clients.

Delivery Policy Service delivery at Shaibit Solutions is customized to fit the timeline, requirements, and specifications agreed upon with our clients. The delivery process, including milestones and completion criteria, is clearly outlined in each project’s service agreement to ensure transparency and alignment with client expectations.

Return Policy Given the nature of our marketing and business development services, returns are not applicable. Any concerns or issues post-delivery are addressed through revisions or modifications as per the terms agreed upon in the contractual arrangement.

Cancellation Policy Cancellation terms are specific to each contractual agreement. Clients may cancel their services in accordance with the conditions stipulated in their individual contracts, which may include predetermined notice periods and cancellation fees.

For further assistance or inquiries regarding our fulfillment policies, please contact us at:

Shaibit Solutions is committed to clear communication and transparency in our policies, ensuring a trusted and reliable partnership with our clients.