The Future Of Innovation Is Investing In People

Invest in companies that bring real innovation to the table. We combine innovative ideas, with the means to implement and scale in order to maximize profits and change.

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Investing In Now + The Future

Venture Beyond The Standard
We believe in growing beyond traditional firms by diversifying based on market changes and targeting companies and strategies that result in unparalleled growth.

Fundable Projects

Omega Acquisitions

Omega is a business acquisition firm that acquires, creates, optimizes, and grows businesses.


The future of authentic american building supplies a wide range of living solutions


The FindWY directory allows businesses in Wyoming to advertise and congregate.

Company X

An invite only stock exchange with the sole idea to better the companies you invest in.

Pinecone Awards

Sponsoring local businesses in chosen communities with modern business solutions.

Rich Range

E-commerce platform that supplies buyers with quality furnishings and art.

ProjectART UBU

A humanitarian non-profit that combines a new way of living with philosophies on synergy.

Shaibit Solutions

Venture beyond the competition with digital marketing and business solutions.

Credit Nationals

Setting financials for best results with personal and business credit repair services.


Intuitive business management platform that is set to be the future of doing business.